Clever Tips To Attract A Younger Woman

//Clever Tips To Attract A Younger Woman

Clever Tips To Attract A Younger Woman

Younger women are adventurous, strong, hot, spontaneous, energetic and have less baggage; these are a few reasons why many men prefer to date younger women.

If you’re an older guy and you want to learn how to attract younger women, then pay close attention to this article because you are going to learn exactly how to do it without coming across as sleazy or creepy.

Firstly, older guys who are not very good at attracting younger women are actually unaware that they possess the characteristics and traits that women find attractive in men. They actually possess these traits naturally through age such as experience, self awareness, composure and general confidence. Older guys, on the other hand, who are really good at attracting younger women, are very aware that they have these characteristics and traits that women are naturally very attracted to. These characteristics will come out automatically as they interact with women because of this awareness.

Don’t Act Like Younger Guys

The problem begins when older guys try to act like younger guys. They might try and prove that they have vast knowledge of everything. But women find that really awkward and very unappealing. As an older guy, you’ve been there and done that. Use that to your advantage to impress her. Your game has evolved since then. So embrace that rather than doing what all the younger guys are doing around her.

Respond With Wit

If the girl says “you’re too old for me”, don’t respond like you’re a desperate person or trying to prove yourself. One of the best things that you can say is, in a very calm manner with a little smile on your face, just say to her, “it’s not a question of difference in our age, it’s a question of whether or not you’re mature enough to become involved with me.” This forces the girl to think a little bit, disturbs the pattern and stops her from coming back with something rude.

Show Off Your Sense Of Humor

If she asks “how old are you?” in a really precautious tone, rather than saying “why don’t you guess” or “I’m as young as I feel”, just say “old enough to be your father…what are you doing out so late?” This may sound really counterproductive, but the results are incredible. Why this is a really good response to her statement? First, what you’re doing is you are taking that potentially very sour moment in the interaction and flipping it into something a lot more positive. Secondly, you are breaking patterns that she can’t come back with anything and third, you’re showing her that you’ve got a great sense of humor.

You are not trying to get into reality. You’re not trying to be young again or anything like that. You have got your reality. Does she want to be part of it? Can she actually live up to your ideals? This is where you can demonstrate value a lot more easily.

Whether you’re young or old, always use your age as advantage. Don’t try to be a completely different age group. Girls can see it and it turns them off. Be proud of your age, capitalize on it and you’ll see the difference in the responses that you get from women.