7 Movie Sex Scenes You Should Recreate ASAP

//7 Movie Sex Scenes You Should Recreate ASAP

7 Movie Sex Scenes You Should Recreate ASAP

There is something about movie sex scenes that are inspiring in a way there are couples who want to recreate them in their bedroom. Most of these scenes were made with passion, depth, love, and pleasure. Of course, if you are just looking for sex scenes just for the sake of “sex, you can just go to porno websites and indulge. But movie sex scenes are different. They have life, emotion, and happening in real life. 

There are many movie sex scenes you probably have in your list or in mind, mainly because you want to at least one of them to happen in your relationship. It’s really fine to have sex inspirations and something you can copy. It can drive you and can maintain your sexual desire. Watching your favorite movie sex scenes with your partner and discuss them after will allow you and your partner to fulfill your sexual desires. Just make sure both of you agrees on what movie sex scenes you want to recreate so both of you can enjoy. 

Here are the eight movie sex scenes you should recreate with your partner as soon as possible:

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey

There are lots of sex scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey you can choose from, but there is this particular scene which is very sensual and easy to recreate. If you watched the franchise of the movie you will remember the ice cube sex scene. It maybe typical, if you are already doing it, but the sensuality of the scene is just so arousing. You can actually imagine and feel the shivering sensation of the ice cube melting down your body wakening your libido up. 

  1. Blue is the Warmest Color

Blue is the Warmest Color is a French LGTB romantic drama movie. The movie focuses on the life of two bisexual women who were discovering their sexuality and sex lives. Every sex scenes in this movie are highly arousing and sensual. The best sex scene here is when the two bisexuals had their first sex together. They had pussy eating, scissoring and 69- talking about all-in-one! It is full of desire, discovery, and passion. Something you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Admit it, when we fight with our partners, having sex after a very long debate (and sometimes physical fight), is our way of surrendering and calming ourselves. We can see the same scenario in Mr. and Mrs. Smith where the couple had a very hot and forceful sex after knocking each other.

  1. Dear John

No doubt, Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum are one sexy couple in Dear John. Their sex scene in the barn is very passionate, slow, and full of emotion. You can clearly see and feel how in love they are with each other. Something you also want to recreate with the love of your life.

  1. The Notebook

The Notebook is in no doubt one of the romantic drama movies you must watch. The lake scene- the characters had a fight about why they haven’t heard from each other and then had sex after knowing the reasons why, is amazing to see. Because why not? The two really love each other. 

  1. Legends of the Fall

This movie features young Brad Pitt. His sex scene with his leading lady is so arousing. He had her lie flat on her stomach while being hit from behind. You can really feel her G-spot spotted. Everybody loves doggy style!

  1. The Boy Next Door

The slow kissing and eye-to-eye contact sex scene of this movie is so erogenous. Imagine your man is kissing and looking at you like the way the leading man looks at her lady in the movie, you’ll feel we loved right? Slow kisses and eye-to-eye contact are really sexy and libido increaser.